I had a great time at ClojureWest last week. My head got stuffed full of ideas, both from the talks and the hallway track, that it was exhausting. And I got to hang out with some good friends from the Clojure community. There was an extra bonus of the Confo, which started as a joke by Michael Fogus but turned into a room full of people talking about logic programming. Can you point to any other language community where that would have happened? I didn’t think so. And there was no drama. Some of this may change as the Clojure community grows, but for now this is a great place to be and I’m blessed to be a part of it. Many thanks and props to Alex Miller and crew for the hard work they did to enable all that to happen. They really know how to treat their speakers and attendees.

I was priviledged to give a talk about the various abstractions available to us a functional programmers. I used Chris Housers tractionsvg to create the visuals. Point your browser here if you want to run through it. Dismiss any pop-up that may appear. Use the left and right arrows to move forwards and backwards through the talk. I have plans to turn that SVG file into a navigable diagram with a bunch of additional info for each abstraction in the future.

Jim Duey 26 March 2013
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